Dance HQ believes that quality training in classical ballet is an integral element of a well-trained dancer.  

Ballet is the basic foundation for most styles of dance and teaches the technique needed to excel in all other dance styles. It teaches alignment and musicality, increases agility, improves balance and flexibility and encourages confidence, discipline and dedication.


At dance HQ, we teach and offer examinations in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus, with RAD qualified teachers. Miss Lauren Hustler, founder of Ballet LAB joined the team in 2016 and works closely with dance HQ teachers and students. Lauren is a highly accredited Ballet teacher and mentors our ballet students in preparation for RAD examinations and assessments  - although Lauren is based in Sydney she often attends our studio on a regular basis to do this work. our students have a 100% success rate and achieve extremely high marks in their RAD ballet exams. We are extremely proud of our ballet program and excited to be able to offer this wonderful opportunity to students

 Check out our Faculty page to read more about our ballet teachers Miss Marika, Miss Paige and Miss Lauren. 

Dance HQ offers two ballet classes for each age group/grade. Both ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. Students are graded depending on their level and experience. If students enrol in both ballet classes for their age group they will be eligible to complete their ballet exams.